First Aid & CPR

Blended Learning Format- Training for Busy People

We are offering this semi private course to the public on May 5, 2019 in Newmarket.  This course is suited for anyone needing Standard First Aid and CPR level C but it will have scenarios and emphasis related to sports and youth for our local Softball and Baseball coaches and parents as well as Camp counselors.  

Price:  $95pp +hst.  Please note that when you register the HST has been added.  $107.35

How Does it Work?


Half of the course is done online by you at your own pace prior to the in-class session. 

  • Convenient 
  • Less Time Away from Work & Home


The in-class portion requires only half the time of the traditional First Aid course.  This is where the information you learned online prior to attending class is put in to practice with hands-on skills, scenarios and activities.

Step 1:  Register and Pay by Choosing your In-Class Session Date Below

Step 2:  Complete the Online Portion

After you register and pay for the course you'll also receive an email from Red Cross inviting you to set up your account.  You must do this in order to access the online portion of the course.  The self-paced modular format of the blended learning First Aid course allows students to access audio and text instruction as well as instructional videos and quizzes. A passing mark of 80% is required to move on to the next module.  If you fall short of 80% on a module, don’t worry , the system lets you repeat the lesson until you do.

Step 3: Attend in-class training

After successfully completing the online training portion you are now required to attend the in-class portion of the course.  This 8 hour session is delivered by a friendly Red Cross certified instructor who will focus on the practical skills portions of the course.  You’ll take what you've learned online, apply the practical skills you learn in class and leave feeling confident to handle any first aid emergency.

Next Class:  Newmarket on Sunday May 5, 2019

If your workplace would like a quote or to schedule onsite training please contact us at 647-428-0004 or email us at [email protected]


Q:  Does the Red Cross blended learning Standard First Aid course meet WSIB requirements? 

A:  Yes.

Q:  How long is my certification valid for? 

A:  3 Years

Q:  How long will it take me to complete the online portion of the course?

A:  The online theory portion of the course is equal to 8 hours of training but most people complete the online training in a few hours.

Q:  What if I need help or have questions about my online training?  It’s rare that participants have questions that can’t be answered by the online training system but if you have questions your instructor contact information will be in your welcome letter and they will be happy to help.