Home Alone Stay Safe

Home Alone- Stay Safe!

This course teaches kids how to prepare to look after themselves for a short period of time before and after school or if you need to run a quick errand. 

This course is open to kids 9-13 years of age with the understanding that you as a parent know your child best.  Deciding when a child is mature enough to be at home alone is an important judgement call for parents and even after training it’s best to start with short periods of home alone time and slowly work up to longer periods once you and your child are both comfortable.

  • The Importance of Establishing a Routine
  • Dos and Don’ts of the House Key
  • Strangers
  • Talking on the Telephone
  • Feeling Scared
  • Snacking and kitchen safety
  • When to Call 911
  • Fires
  • Storms
  • Basic First Aid and Safety Tips
  • Poisons
  • Safe Surfing the Internet

The next Home Alone class in Newmarket will be on Sunday April 14, 2019

Location:  Newmarket Legion Hall  (707 Srigley St.)

The price is $45 or if your child "brings a buddy" you each get $5 off registration.  The $5 is rebated back in cash on the day of class.

The course runs from 10am-3pm